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Yamicia Connor, MD, PhD, MPH
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July 6, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Diosa Ara, a visionary consulting firm and concierge medical practice focused on women's health. It's a passionate commitment to enhancing the world of women's health, with a special emphasis on Black women and women of color who have often been marginalized within the U.S. healthcare system.

My Journey, Our Inspiration

My journey toward Diosa Ara started during my medical and scientific training. When I chose to specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology as an MD-PhD, it raised quite a few eyebrows. Women's health was, and often still is, neglected by the scientific community, leading to so many unanswered questions and gaps in our understanding. Instead of being deterred, I was captivated – I wanted to plunge into this complex, emotional, and exciting field, and so I did.

Throughout my clinical training, I confronted the stark realities of systemic racism ingrained in our medical infrastructure, especially concerning the treatment of Black women during pregnancy. This issue hit close to home when I went through a high-risk pregnancy as a Black mother of twins. I found myself at the intersection of my professional expertise and personal fears. Even though I was a doctor, trained and working in the very hospital where I was treated, I felt an immense amount of fear and uncertainty. This experience merged my professional knowledge with my personal identity sparking the creation of Diosa Ara.

Recognizing the need for a service like Diosa Ara was a turning point for me. I understood the urgency to amalgamate my scientific, engineering, and medical knowledge while simultaneously centering on the experiences of Black women who are navigating challenging health scenarios. It's not just about creating a medical practice, but about bridging the gap between knowledge, empathy, and application in the field of women's health.

Foundational Principles of Diosa Ara

Our mission at Diosa Ara is simple yet profound: To empower patients through science and evidence-based medicine, promote equitable care, and enhance obstetrical and gynecological outcomes and experiences.

At the heart of Diosa Ara, our guiding principles are science, dignity, and compassion. We envision a world where pregnancy experiences are characterized by joy, not fear. To achieve this, we offer personalized counseling, educational resources, and continuous support during pregnancy, emphasizing each patient's unique risk factors.

Our innovative care model revolves around the management of obstetrical emergencies. About 50% of women can expect to visit an obstetrical emergency room or triage unit at least once during pregnancy for bleeding, contractions, leaking fluid, decreased fetal movement, or hypertension. We understand that the immediate factors driving poor maternal outcomes are often rooted in racist attitudes encountered during the point of care that happens in these emergency situations. Deviations from the standard of care often occur and patients are left vulnerable with very little opportunity to advocate for themselves. With this in mind, we strive to provide our patients with 24/7 support during emergency care; acting as another set of eyes and ears for them and intervening if we believe significant errors in care have occurred. We do this using evidence-based medicine and the latest practice guidelines to ensure that the standard of care is met.

Additionally, Diosa Ara Consulting extends its expertise to businesses and investors, providing tailored women's health science and equity consulting solutions. Our services range from corporate training to educational sessions focusing on women's health innovation.

Our commitment is fueled by passion and grounded in rigorous scientific principles. We aim to leverage innovative solutions to improve women's lives and reduce health inequities.

Introducing our New Services

We are excited to announce our first offering: a pregnancy seminar designed specifically to address the experiences and challenges of black women entitled: Blossoming Bellies: A pregnancy journey for Black Women. This 7-part seminar will provide invaluable insights, empowering women with knowledge and tools to navigate their pregnancy journey with confidence.

Our comprehensive pregnancy seminar starts with an in-depth analysis of the historical roots of maternal health disparities, emphasizing the experiences of Black women and how America's racial history influences healthcare today. Following this, we transition into a critical review of current maternal outcomes in the U.S., underlining the urgent need to address these disparities. The seminar further offers a holistic roadmap to a healthy pregnancy journey, from preconception to prenatal care. As we progress, we prepare attendees for childbirth and discuss potential pregnancy complications, providing robust plans to handle them. We also shed light on the often overlooked postpartum phase, aiding in navigating the physical and emotional changes during this time. Finally, we equip you with practical tools to navigate the U.S. healthcare system during your pregnancy journey, with special attention to the challenges faced by Black women. This integrated seminar aims to empower and support you throughout your journey to motherhood, instilling a sense of preparedness, confidence, and care.

To sign-up for our seminar please visit our website at The first seminar will be on July 29, 2023. Sign-up quickly to reserve your spot. Attendance is limited. Furthermore, keep an eye out for the launch of our clinical services, designed to support women through every stage of their health journey.

Join us in creating a community centering Black women. To learn more and be part of this transformative journey, please visit our website at and join our mailing list. We look forward to helping you discover the vast and exciting world of Women‘s Health Care!

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